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Speed CYPRES 2

CYPRES - The same safety for jumps with an extreme descent rate of up to 43 m/s (141 ft/s, 155kph, 96mph).

You are an experienced canopy pilot, and you are looking for the extra challenge of a sophisticated swooping manoeuvre? The Speed CYPRES 2 is the perfect choice for you. Regardless if you are in freefall or must cutaway after a canopy collision - the Speed CYPRES 2 provides you with the reliable safety at the time of extreme descent rates in the critical area between approx 225 and 100 meters (approx 750 - 330 feet).

The Speed CYPRES 2 is identified by the red button, with a 'Speed" imprint upon it (see below image).


Standard Settings:

- Activation speed: approx. >96 mph (43 m/s — 141 feet/second)
- Activation altitude: approx. 750 feet (225 meters)

Technical Data:

Identification Red button, and "Speed" imprint.
Cable length of control unit: approx. 650 mm
Volume: approx. 139 cm³
Weight: approx. 188 grams
Length, width, height of the processing unit: approx. 85 x 43 x 32 mm
Length, width, height of the control unit: approx. 65 x 18 x 6,5 mm
Length, diameter of the release unit: approx. 43 x 8 mm

Cable length of the release unit
                 (including release unit):

approx. 500 mm
Storage temperature: +71° to -25° Celsius
Storage pressure: 200 to 1070 hPa ( 5.906 to 31.597 In.Hg)
Working temperature: +63° to -20° Celsius *
Maximum allowable humidity: up to 99,9 % rel. humidity
Waterproof: up to 24 hours down to a depth of 5 feet (1.5 meters)
Altitude adjustment limits: ±3000 feet or ±1000 m
Operating range below / above sea level: -1500 feet to +26,000 feet (-500 m to +8000 m)
Functioning period: 14 hours from switch-on
Power supply: lifetime warranty**
Maintenance: 4 and 8 years from date of manufacture
Total lifetime: 12.5 years from date of manufacture***

* These temperature limits do not mean the outside (ambient) temperatures but rather temperatures inside the processing unit. Therefore, these limits won‘t have any meaning until the processing unit itself has reached the temperatures in question. In actual fact, these limits will rarely be reached due to the mandatory location of the CYPRES in the reserve container, and the insulating properties of the processing unit pouch and parachute canopies.

** If required maintenance has been performed.

*** Anticipated, according to the present knowledge base.

What can I do if I need an Expert Speed CYPRES when my Expert Speed CYPRES is undergoing maintenance — how do I continue skydiving?

  • If you purchased your Expert Speed CYPRES 2 AAD through Precision Rigging, then you will be lent a replacement Expert Speed CYPRES 2 AAD whilst your Expert Speed CYPRES 2 AAD is away being serviced (and the replacement will not cost you a single cent).
  • If you purchased your Expert Speed CYPRES 2 AAD through another retailer, then you can hire a replacement Expert Speed CYPRES 2 AAD from Precision Rigging for a fee.